Escola de Osteopatia de Barcelona (EOB)


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Montse Serra
Escola de Osteopatia de Barcelona (EOB)
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A comparative study between a L3 side roll and a placebo technique in gonalgia
A quasi-experimental clinical essay, pilot study, a comparation of the postural changes before and after Total Body Adjustment and the technique of the Three Diafragms in healthy adults
Abdominal lymphatic drainage versus functional technique on the colon in patients with chronic functional constipation. A pilot study
Adjustment in T4 and it effect on mobility of the cervical spine
Affinity to direct or indirect methods of osteopathic students depending on their personality
Applying Mitchell techniques on lumbar spine to improve mechanical low back pain in field hockey players
Assesment of the lumbar pelvic mechanics for pregnant women as method to predict labour. Pilot study
Assessment of Chapman Reflex Points as a technique to diagnose in Osteopathy patients with constipation
Baropodometric study: the influence of the psoas muscle on the distribution of burdens and centre of gravity
Benefits of a High Velocity Thrust (HVT) technique inT4 in terms of heart rate variability (HRV), as indicative of changes in the autonomic nervous system, using Sportlab®
Benefits of cranial osteopathy in patients with fibromyalgia according to fibromyalgia impact questionnaire. Clinical series
Benefits of osteopathic treatment in patients with functional constipation
Bibliographic study of the most common osteopathic dysfunctions in the foot and knee
Body adjustment effect in a patient with essential hypertension
Body Adjustment techniques to improve stress levels:comparation with a conventional osteopathic intervention: a quasi-experimental pilot study
Burnout and Osteopathy in Catalunya
Can osteopathy improve lung function and quality of life of people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease?
Changes in balance after the application of an articulation technique on the subtalar joint in sportsmen. A clinical trial
Changes in chronic low back pain after a osteopathic intervention on foot joints: a case series
Changes in chronic low back pain after osteopathic manipulation of the fourth thoracic vertebrae. A pilot study
Changes in footstep after treatment of iliac dysfunction with Mitchell techniques
Changes in lung capacity: DOC technique and diaphragmatic inhibition
Changes in lung function and ventilatory mechanics after the release of the Mediastinum: A pilot study
Changes in postural stability after a myofascial trigger point treatment
Changes in sleeping patterns in colic-suffering babies treated with osteopathy

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