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When this page was conceived in the late 20th century, published osteopathic research was scarce and hard to find, so we started to collect abstracts of students' theses in this database, together with those from published articles. Over the years more and more research was officially published and much easier accessible through pubmed and google scholar, so we focused this database on the "grey literature" of theses and removed journal article's abstracts. From today's perspective, the title "Osteopathic Research Web" sounds quite pretentious - the professional research is elsewhere, and we have included a page with relevant links.
As you would expect from theses, the quality among them is highly variable. We still think it's worth sharing them, for the literature references that were gathered, for students from other schools to learn from them or for the inspiration of new research.
If you are interested in the details of a specific thesis from this database, you can send an email to the respective university or school. Some schools have made the full-text articles directly available as PDF, in that case you find the download link at the bottom of the record.
So good luck with your search, and make sure to apply your critical appraisal skillset to the findings - like you should do with any research anyway.
Raimund Engel
January 2021

2021 Relaunch - What's new?

After many years on the previous platform, we finally managed to migrate to this one: It uses a modern library system called Omeka S, and we hope it will grow with our site for the next decade or so.
What's new compared to the old site?


Responsive theme

The new site adapts nicely to any screen you might want to use it on, including a slim layout for mobile phones.

Zotero Import

Omeka allows for a direct import of metadata into Zotero, which is our favorite literature database. Check it out - it's brillant, it's free and it will save you days of work when you write your thesis!

Multiple sites based on a single database

Omeka allows to easily create sites with individual styling, which contain subsets of the database. This means that e.g. you could have a site, which just lists the thesis from your own school, and not any others.

No user registration

If you are the librarian or thesis administrator of a school and plan to contribute regularly, please let us know, we are happy to create a user for you that will allow you to submit new abstracts and edit existing ones. If you are a graduate, who just wants to submit his/her own thesis this is possible through a form without registration. An administrator will have to review your submission, before it is published.

No html formatting (yet)

Currently the system does not show HTML formatting, but we hope to be able to implement this in the future. When we migrated the data, we included HTML tags, whenever possible.